Simple, affordable laboratory testing

Lifecrest Laboratory is a one-stop diagnostic and screening centre allowing private and public firms nationwide direct access to laboratory testing of blood, urine, stool, swab testing, semen and other biological specimens. We provide exceptional private healthcare laboratory and consultation services including blood sampling and testing, general health screening, sexual health screening & testing,COVID-19 Fit for Travel PCR Testing, Rapid Antigen tests as well as COVID-19 anti-body testing.

Worried about your health? Quick and immediate access to the right diagnosis is the best way to get well and stay healthy. Our innovative approach helps increase access to healthcare by making it simpler, time-saving, and even more affordable. We provide a range of services to nutritionists, functional medicine practitioners, homeopathy acupuncturists, holistic practitioners, dentists and general practitioners (GP).

Getting laboratory tests done assures you of your health. It can be stressful and burdensome if you have to wait for weeks for laboratory results. Fortunately, our walk-in-laboratory is open 6 days a week. Our team of highly trained phlebotomists are equally able to visit individuals/groups at homes, offices or workplaces to draw blood samples at affordable rates. Your health is important to us. We give you peace of mind wherever and whenever.

Our laboratories are led by CORU and HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist with significant years of private and NHS experience. We generate results that you can trust.